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Why did Dr Feldman point out so many things wrong with my breasts at the consult?

Another surgeon never mentioned issues like challenging anatomy, pectus deformity, asymmetry, nipple malposition or tuberous, constricted, breasts, absent lateral show, scoliosis and never discussed any limitations of surgery.

The other surgeon didn't notice or didn't care about your breast or boney deformities or asymmetry. If you don't recognize the problem, how can you ever devise a plan to correct it or discuss realistic expectations if you cannot correct it?

Most of Dr Feldman's patients are receptive to his honest, straightforward approach but a few percent would prefer a sugar coated, reality TV show type experience (full of cutoffs scrubs, mimosas and push-ups in hallway followed by bouncing a beach ball around the office) and choose another surgeon with different style. Dr Feldman is fine with that, and can sleep at night knowing that before taking anyone's money for elective cosmetic surgery, he has done his obligation as a surgeon to discuss the pro's, con's, alternatives and limitations of the current technology/techniques of breast augmentation. Other surgeons choose not to discuss limitations, as they don't acknowledge having any, pretend they have a special proprietary technique, unique suture or secret implant catalog that gives them magical powers which ultimately will yield unrealistic expectations despite a more fun, party like, consult experience.

​It's a constant battle in our practice attempting to refocus patients away from random lucky numbers of cc's and toward a pleasing breast aesthetic. Will you be satisfied with an ugly result just because it falls within an arbitrary cc range? Not a chance. Will you be OK with your desired cup size even with wide cleavage, nipple malposition and no superior fullness? No way. During your consultation and pre-operative visit you were repeatedly reminded to focus the look, not the cc’s or cup size.

It’s not what Dr. Feldman puts in, but rather how pretty your breasts are when you come out of the OR that matters. To achieve the look you chose pre-operatively sometimes requires an implant with different dimensions or size, as during surgery the implant is now placed under your breast/muscle rather than stacked on top as it was in clinic. This is why Dr. Feldman will use sizers to make final implant selection during surgery, and the implant will not be chosen solely by volume (number of cc's) or desired cup size, but rather by what dimensions will help minimize breast and boney deformity/asymmetry and best fit breast/chest pocket dimensions.A surgeon’s obligation is to first do no harm. Placing implants that are too large can cause irreparable damage like numb nipples, stretch marks, symmastia (uniboob) and/or exaggerated nipple malposition. At some point an implant just won’t fit, and you can’t be sent home with implant hanging out of open incision. Placing implants that are dimensionally too small and narrow, will actually yield a less natural looking breast with “bolted or stuck on” appearance and poor overall result.

If you love your result, in 6 months you won’t remember the number of cc’s, and if you picked a random lucky number and had a bad result, you would no longer care about that number. Breast aesthetics are far more complex than just a number of cc's or cup size. In fact, Dr. Feldman never lets his patients focus on, or promises, a specific number of cc's as it's only a setup for disappointment. Sticking sizers in a bra or a computer simulation of your results is simple, but has no upper/lower width and volume limits like surgery does. Whatever the final cc selection, Dr. Feldman can promise he tried multiple options and you ended up with the best balance of size, shape and symmetry.

Some breast and boney deformities or asymmetry cannot be corrected or even completely camouflaged with implants so realistic expectations are essential to be established before surgery. This requires a surgeon who can acknowledge he/she has limitations and cannot magically fix everything. As such, Dr Feldman will always establish what he can make better, what will stay the same and what may look worse at each and every consult.  Dr Feldman will attempt to paint a realistic picture of your result, rather than promise wish list results of other woman's breasts. How a patient chooses to utilize, or if they appreciate that level of professionalism, candidness and honesty is completely up to them.