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How soon after Breast Augmentation can I go on a cruise or vacation?

This depends on how active you plan on being, how far away you will be traveling and how long you will be gone for.

Breast Augmentation is a real surgery, and the 3 month long recovery is as important to how pretty, even and soft your breasts are as the surgery itself, so this is definitely not something you would do the week before you leave for a cruise or destination wedding. You must account for healing, and even the possibility of complication, when making travel plans. If your travel plans are already made, are not changeable, and are 8 weeks or less from your surgery date, it is always Dr. Feldman’s recommendation to have surgery after your trip. That way you can enjoy your vacation without worry, and focus on your surgery/recovery, and most importantly your results, without distraction afterwards. Three months after breast augmentation, most patients are at their baseline risk, and have no major restrictions, so that’s the safest time to travel without worry. The further the distance, the longer the length and more active you plan on being, the closer to 3 months Dr. Feldman will recommend.

If you plan on relaxing weekend getaway, a couple hours away, and have a travel companion for all lifting, it’s possible, but not recommended, as soon as 2 weeks after surgery as long as you continue to follow your activity restrictions, wear supportive bras 24/7 and protect incisions from UV/sun exposure. But remember, alcohol can lead to bad decision making and impaired judgment, both of which risk and compromise your result.

There is inherently little risk to the act of being on an airplane, pressurization etc. for a short domestic flight, however, the main risk comes from the hustle and bustle of the airport, lifting luggage, dressing/undressing quickly for security, and rushing to a rapid connection or from prolonged international travel. If travelling alone, we do not allow a carry-on, purse, laptop bag, backpack etc. You MUST check all luggage. We also require you have at least $30 in small bills to tip skycap, shuttle drivers, bellhops and attendants to do ALL lifting over 2lbs. (1kg). Remember you are protecting a $5000 investment, and these people will gladly help you protect that investment for a reasonable $2-3 tip.

However, when thinking about a warm weather destination you must also consider these swim restrictions. There are two factors that affect the timing of swimming.
First is the type of swimming
- Being splashed accidentally while your children swim/play (4 weeks)
- Casual lounging or cooling off in water briefly without submerging (6 weeks)
- Swimming for exercise with submersion(3 months)
- Prolonged submersion with snorkeling/scuba diving (3-6 months)
Second the type and cleanliness of water
- A clean, well-maintained and chlorinated pool with being splashed accidentally (4 weeks) causal lounging or cooling off is ok at 6 weeks
- A pond, beach, gulf or open water - 3 months regardless of activity
- Hot tubs are the dirtiest of all, even when they’re well maintained, so 3 months minimum

If you’re extremely active and enjoy skiing, snowboarding, cliff diving, para-sailing, kayaking, wake boarding, surfing, hunting, jet skiing, zip lining, rock climbing, snorkeling or scuba diving type activities that involve a lot of jostling, movement and use of chest, shoulders and upper back muscles, we would recommend a minimum of 3 months before attempting that type of active sporting vacation. Of note, these activities all have inherent risks of injury, regardless of timing after surgery.

You must be your own best advocate, and think about the long term. Should a complication arise while you’re out of the area, local doctors or emergency rooms may be of little assistance, and Dr. Feldman may not be able to assess, diagnose or treat you remotely. Although you may be excited to show off and enjoy your new breasts on a vacation immediately after surgery, if you mess them up, every time you look in the mirror, that vacation will be distant memory.