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How can I avoid side effects?

The majority of side effects and complications after breast augmentation are preventable and are a direct result of not following the simple, detailed and thorough restrictions and instructions provided orally, in print, via email, and on our website. During your pre-op appointment, as well as the day of surgery, we go over very important care instructions for what you are allowed to do immediately after surgery and what things you need to avoid. Aside from taking it easy and limiting the use of your arms immediately after surgery, there are things you can do weeks prior that will help decrease your chance of complications. Make sure you have help the first couple of days after surgery as your range of motion will be limited and the heaviest thing you will be able to pick up is a bottle of water. Reducing your consumption of alcohol and blood thinning products weeks prior to surgery and the first couple of weeks after surgery can help reduce the risk of bleeding. Stopping smoking and other nicotine substances prior to surgery can also increase your healing ability. The anesthesia used to put you to sleep can also cause side effects. The most common are nausea, which will be lessened by the medication you will be prescribed to take, and constipation (we recommend purchasing a laxative to get things moving  24-48 hours after surgery). If you have any questions on other things you can or can’t do to reduce the risk of side effects after surgery, we always encourage you READ all of the IMPORTANT information provided at your pre-op appointment prior  to emailing Jeannette with your questions.