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  • 5 Reasons to Get a Tummy Tuck

    People may think that tummy tucks are only for women or only for women who have had children and wish torestore their pre-baby bodies, but in reality people - both womenand men - choose to undergo the abdominoplasty procedure for a number of reasons. Here are five great ones we at Bancroft Feldman hear all of the time:

    A tummy tuck turns back the clock. This isn’t just true for women. Men in middle age have a tendency to thicken around the middle as well. A flat stomach not only looks fitter, it looks younger too. Anabdominoplasty tightens the inner girdle, the muscles of the abdominal wall, and your plastic surgeon can shape your abdomen back into its former sexy shape.

    A tummy tuck removes scars and stretch marks. Any kind of surgery done on your abdomen, whether to address a hernia, take out an appendix (or a baby!), or treat a medical condition will leave scars. Very few women manage to get through pregnancy without developing some stretch marks. If you’d rather these reminders of your body trauma were not on your skin forever, atummy tuck is a very good solution.

    A tummy tuck accomplishes what diet and exercise can’t on their own. The media is full of articles about the miraculous benefits of self-discipline, diet, and exercise, but, in reality, some of the damage of aging can’t be starved away or run off even with the most punishing routines. That can only be done through surgery, often a combination ofliposuction and abdominoplasty.  

    A tummy tuck gets rid of loose skin after weight loss. Whether you’ve lost weight through diet or bariatric surgery, what people don’t tell you is that serious weight gain permanently stretches your skin. A tummy tuck will make it possible toshow off your thinner body without any of the loose skin that comes with significant weight loss.

    A tummy tuck results in a more streamlined aesthetic. If your clothes don’t fit the way they used to and you don’t like the way your body “hangs” on your frame, a tummy tuck can address those problems. Many of our patients feel better after surgery, more confident in their bodies. They have a greater willingness to get out there and socialize, whereas before surgery they felt shyer and more self-conscious.

    If any of the above sound like a good reason for you to make a change in your body and your life, call us today at Bancroft Feldman for your free consultation. We’d love to talk about how to make your dreams for your body a reality.

  • BE, Needville, TX

    "I marvel at my flat tummy every time I shower or put on clothes. Never thought I would see a flat tummy again after two myomectomies, a full term pregnancy with twins, and a c-section. Conversations with Dr. Bancroft and his staff were never rushed and always resulted in a complete answer. Before consulting with Dr. Bancroft, I met with another plastic surgeon who told me that I was not a good candidate for a tummy tuck and I should lose weight and then return to his office. What a callous remark! I told him that if diet and exercise alone worked, I would not need his services. I was impressed and thankful that Dr. Bancroft made a house call following the surgery."

  • BS, Houston, TX

    "I definitely recommend Dr.s Bancroft and Feldman. I have had work done by both of them. Dr. Feldman fine-tuned a tummy tuck I had done by a different doctor, and he did an awesome job. Dr. Bancroft has done liposuction on my tummy and back, and he did a great job as well. I have had Botox injections from both doctors, and I'm always happy with that too. I find Dr.s Bancroft and Feldman to be highly-skilled and detail-oriented. They really listen to their patients, and they truly care about getting the best results for each individual patient. They are both easy to talk to, and make me feel at ease. And the office staff is great! They are efficient and professional, and the office atmosphere is welcoming and comfortable. Although I live near downtown Houston, I happily travel to Sugar Land to see Dr.s Bancroft and Feldman!"

  • CB, Sugar Land, TX

    "The most awesome thing I’ve done today is order myself a 2-piece bathing suit for the cruise. Oooohhhh yeahhhh! I haven’t worn a 2-piece in over 20 years so this is really exciting for me! I’m so glad I finally did this surgery (tummy tuck) after all these years. And I can’t say enough about how much I truly like and enjoy Dr. Bancroft and your entire staff. Very wise decision all around."

  • JL, Sugar Land, TX

    "I went to get bikini wax yesterday and the lady that was doing it told me that I had the best tummy tuck she has ever seen. She said she had seen some really botched up jobs lately and that mine was sooooo good...... Then today I went to get my physical and she said the same thing. She was amazed at how good I looked and wanted to know who I saw because she said sometimes women come in wanting to have tummy tucks and she said she has seen some pretty awful ones and mine was so good that she would recommend. Anyway, I just thought it was sooo cool that I got the best plastic surgeon in town to do mine!!!!!! Dr. Bancroft is the best! And I also told them the staff were amazing as well!"

  • MS, Dallas, TX

    "I had a tummy tuck and hernia repair. Dr. Bancroft and all the staff were very positive and supportive. I would recommend the practice to my friends and will return to Bancroft Feldman Plastic Surgery if I need additional surgery."

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    RealSelf Q&A with Greg Bancroft, MD, PhD

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  • SM, New York, NY

    "Dr. Bancroft and his staff are very knowledgeable, courteous and kind. I could not have asked for a better team. I highly recommend him and his team to anyone. I especially appreciate his honesty in what type of result I could expect. He helped me when no other doctor could. I am so happy with my excellent tummy tuck results!"

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    meetDrBancroftDr. Bancroft is a highly esteemed and reviewed plastic surgeon serving the greater Houston, Texas area.

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    Patients rave about the individual attention and care they recieve at Bancroft Feldman Plastic Surgery.

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    Tummy Tuck (plus liposuction of flanks) $7995 Completely transform your tummy and start wearing tight white t-shirts again. This offer is valid for new patients and cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. Financing is available through our website for an additional administrative fee. A consultation is required to determine the patient's eligibility for abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) at special pricing. Surgery must be performed in our AAAASF accredited surgery suite. A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to schedule the surgery, and payment in full is due 2 weeks prior to surgery at pre-operative appointment. Offer and pricing subject to change without notice.


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    See our Breast Augmentation patient undergo an amazing transformation as our Model of the Month!

    See our Breast Augmentation patient undergo an amazing transformation as our Model of the Month!

    See our Breast Augmentation patient undergo an amazing transformation as our Model of the Month!

    See our Breast Augmentation patient undergo an amazing transformation as our Model of the Month!

    See our Breast Augmentation patient undergo an amazing transformation as our Model of the Month!

    See our Breast Augmentation patient undergo an amazing transformation as our Model of the Month!

    See our Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) patient undergo an amazing transformation as our Model of the Month!

    See our Breast Augmentation patient undergo an amazing transformation as our Model of the Month!

    See our Breast Augmentation patient undergo an amazing transformation as our Model of the Month!

    See our Breast Augmentation patient undergo an amazing transformation as our Model of the Month!

    See our Breast Augmentation patient undergo an amazing transformation as our Model of the Month!

    See our Breast Augmentation patient undergo an amazing transformation as our Model of the Month!

    See our Breast Augmentation patient undergo an amazing transformation as our Model of the Month!

    See our Breast Augmentation patient undergo an amazing transformation as our Model of the Month!

    See our Breast Augmentation patient undergo an amazing transformation as our Model of the Month!

    See our Breast Augmentation patient undergo an amazing transformation as our Model of the Month!

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  • What Are Some Additional Tummy Tuck Benefits?

    Previously we went over a number ofgreat reasons to get a tummy tuck, and they focused on the aesthetic, which is why people get tummy tucks, honestly: because they desire a better, younger, tighter looking body. However, there areadditional health benefits that can result from a tummy tuck, and you may appreciate them as well as you appreciate your new and improved figure.

    Umbilical and Ventral hernia correction - Ahernia is “a bulge through an opening of the muscles on the abdomen. The hernia can occur at a past incision site (incisional), above the navel (epigastric), or other weak muscles sites (primarily abdominal).” This happens when abdominal tissue or intestine breaks through the abdominal muscle wall and creates a pocket or sack. It can happen as a result of significant weight loss or a surgery such as a cesarean section or appendectomy which means it’s frequently present in patients who seek tummy tucks for aesthetic reasons. The tightening of abdominal muscles that happens during an abdominoplasty also repairs a hernia.

    Back pain relief and better posture - Removing a significant amount of fat around the abdomen can both take pressure off of the spine. The tightening of the abdominal muscles also helps to improve posture which, for people with back problems and back pain, can provide unexpected pain relief. Overall, the tighter core a patient possesses after surgery aids in a number of noticeable ways related to strength and flexibility.

    Increased exercise tolerance - Post-surgery, patients who have had a tummy tuck report an increased ability to exercise and often feel freer to pursue their athletic goals because they have leapt over a barrier of self-consciousness about their bodies.

    Reduced urinary incontinence - Delivering a baby vaginally can result in Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) which most women experience as uncontrollable leaking when they laugh, cough, sneeze, or exercise. Studies have shown that many women (25-60%) report improvement in this after abdominoplasty which can be a very significant side benefit.

    Insurance companies consider an abdominoplasty to be a cosmetic procedure, but that doesn’t mean that removing unnecessary fat and skin cannot result in better health and overall outcomes. The above benefits illustrate this well, but when we look better, we feel better, and when we feel better we are more likely to participate in life fully and enjoy it. Whether that means exercising, being with friends, going to the beach, wearing different clothes, or all of the above is entirely up to you!

  • What Are the Long-term Results of Liposuction?

    We are all familiar with weight loss in America - both the successes and the failures. Unfortunately for many people, even the most disciplined, diet and exercise will not get rid of the last layer of stubborn fat that remains. To accomplish that they will need surgery; however, patients who are considering liposuction as a way to fix their figure problems want to know that the procedure will have long-term positive effects.


    Liposuction is the surgical and permanent removal of fat cells. Your plastic surgeon will make a small incision in the area or areas you’ve chosen to target for body sculpting, insert a thin tube called a cannula, and then vacuum out the fat cells through a flexible pipe. After liposuction, those fat cells are gone and will not return. This means that any weight gain after the surgery will occur much less in those areas, as there are fewer fat cells remaining there to expand with new fat. It doesn’t mean that weight gain anywhere is off the table. To maintain your improved figure, diet and exercise will continue to be important parts of your lifestyle.


    At Bancroft Feldman we advise our Houston area patients to have realistic expectations of their liposuction procedure. Those fat cells are gone and will not grow back, but if a patient goes on to gains a significant amount of weight after their procedure, new fat cells can form, and new figure problems will emerge.


    Some people think that liposuction will result in weight loss, but you will probably not notice much of a difference on the scale immediately after the surgery. Typically though, several pounds of fat are removed with each liposuction session. Numbers are not everything, though. You will notice a sleeker, more sculpted look to your body. That is what the liposuction procedure is designed to do.


    Most of our patients are very excited to see their new bodies after liposuction, but it’s important to remember that the swelling from the surgery will mask the results in the short term. Most patients see improvement within the first week or two and Within one to three months, patients will be able to fully see and enjoy the results they chose to pursue. Get ready to buy a new wardrobe to highlight your new body!


    Finally, it’s also important to remember that loose or sagging skin cannot be fixed by liposuction and may require a surgical procedure called an abdominoplasty, more commonly known as atummy tuck to directly remove this excess skin.


    If you’d like to see certain trouble spots on your body gone permanently and are interested in investing in a sleeker figure, contact Bancroft Feldman and make an appointment with one of our experienced surgeons. We can make your body image dreams a reality.

  • What Is a Mommy Makeover?


    Most people would agree that there is little that is more beautiful than a young mother with her first child. While pregnancy is not always enjoyable or pleasant, the hormonal changes to a woman’s body often give her a “glow” that is lovely to see, and when her child is placed in her arms to look at and to love, it’s a moment in a lifetime. Anyone is lucky to see it.


    Those same hormonal changes that help to prepare a woman’s body for childbirth and nourish her baby both inside and outside the womb, alter her in ways women do not understand until they experience it for themselves. Skin and muscle ligaments soften, stretch, and sometimes even tear. Pregnancy is a dramatic and sometimes traumatic process, but nursing a baby is a taxing one too. After all of this, few women look or feel the same.

    A “mommy makeover” is a combination of surgical procedures designed to restore a woman’s body as closely as possible to her pre-pregnancy state. The physical changes described above often result in loose skin, abdominal fat build up, and sagging breasts, particularly when a woman has gone through multiple pregnancies. Some women assume that when they’ve birthed and then weaned their last child, they can pull themselves into pre-baby shape with the right healthy food choices, exercise regimen, and body creams, but they do not understand that skin and muscle is not like a rubber band. It stretches, yes, but it doesn’t just bounce back with hard work and good intentions.

    The mommy makeover involves both an abdominoplasty ortummy tuck (with potential liposuction to remove any stubborn abdominal fat) and abreast lift. The abdominoplasty procedure removes any sagging skin, stretch marks, and bulging and restores the tummy to its previous flat condition. Breasts lifts are used to tighten lax breast ligaments and help the breasts regain their previous “perky” look. Breast augmentation can also be done at the same time to add fullness.

    Not every woman is a good candidate for a mommy makeover. Women should wait until they’ve completed their childbearing and are certain they do not want to have more children before looking to this as an option. And, of course, they should be in overall good health before considering surgery, as with any procedure.

    If you think you are alone in your dissatisfaction with your post-pregnancy body, you are not. Mothers are seeking this type of surgical makeover in greater and greater numbers every year and learning what it can do for their appearance and their confidence. Motherhood doesn’t have to involve a matronly figure. To learn what Bancroft Feldman can do to help you turn back the clock on your body,contact us today.

  • What Is the Difference between a Liposuction and a Tummy Tuck?

    Many people who are not satisfied with the appearance of their abdominal area wonder about the options they have for improving or revitalizing their bodies. Here we will explore the differences between some of the more common plastic surgery procedures: liposuction and the abdominoplasty or, as it’s more colloquially known, the “tummy tuck.”

    But, first, what do these procedures have in common? They are both used to remove abdominal fat and return the body to a more youthful looking state. Often as people age and experience life events like childbirth, their bodies change as well, and the abdominal area often takes the brunt. While many of our patients are active people who exercise regularly and moderate their eating patterns, some types of wear and tear can’t really be erased with simple diet and exercise modification. And while once clothing may have covered up many smaller figure issues, the fashions of today are more designed to showcase rather than hide.

    The plastic surgeons at Bancroft Feldman are adept at turning back the clock in cases like these. Let’s break down the options.



    During a liposuction procedure, our surgeons remove fat deposits using a small tube called a cannula. Through small incisions (less than 2mm) a vacuum mechanism is used to reduce the fat deposits. This is particularly helpful for stubborn areas that have proven resistant to other methods of slimming down. Typically patients who have liposuction do not experience a great deal of scarring because the incisions made are so tiny.  

    This is a useful procedure for patients who are healthy and in good shape but need assistance in creating that more ideal slim form. It is not ideal for people who are heavily overweight or obese or women whose abdominal muscles or skin have been excessively stretched from pregnancy. In those cases abdominoplasty is necessary.


    Tummy Tuck

    With an abdominoplasty, or what people colloquially refer to as a “tummy tuck,” the procedure is more involved. If the patient has an excess of skin, stretch marks, or very stretched stomach muscles, surgery is required to correct this. The incisions made during a tummy tuck flatten the stomach, narrow the waist, and remove both excess fat and skin. The belly button will also be repositioned and re-sculpted to match the patient’s new slimmer form. An abdominoplasty takes several hours to accomplish, and the recovery time afterward is longer than with liposuction, but for the appropriate patient, the magnitude of the change can be much greater as all components of the abdomen - fat, skin, and muscles - are improved.

    Liposuction is often used in tandem with an abdominoplasty to give the abdominal area the best post-surgical appearance possible, but one is certainly not a substitute for the other. Drs. Bancroft and Feldman are more than happy to consult with patients to discuss creating a more ideal body and how that may be best accomplished using either or both of the above procedures. Contact them today to take that step towards the  younger and slimmer body you once had and can have again.


  • Why Have a Tummy Tuck after You've Lost the Weight?

    Americans are all about weight loss, and the process of losing a significant amount of weight truly is a triumph of discipline and determination. Unfortunately, many people find that after they have met their weight loss goals, particularly when that means 100 or more pounds lost, they have a new problem: loose skin.  This is because the body’s skin stretches all over as a person gains weight in the arms, abdomen, breasts, face, and legs, but its normal elasticity is not enough to spring itself back into its former tautness.


    Obesity is a national problem, but it’s also a highly personal one for millions of Americans. It’s highly discouraging for men and women who have worked and sacrificed to recover their former health and bodies to realize that there is no magic reset button when the weight is all gone. Muscle and skin damage has occurred, and even with a lot of additional effort in diet and exercise, they will never have the trim bodies that “skinny” people take for granted.


    Fortunately, there are solutions for this including abdominoplasty or, as it’s more commonly known, thetummy tuck. Plastic surgeons can remove the additional skin and restore the patient’s figure to its original form. What’s more, research has shown that tummy tucks or other body contouring procedures actuallyaid the patient in keeping additional weight off. Compared with people who have lost weight but not had surgery, abdominoplasty patients gain a quarter of the same weight back annually. The psychological benefits of maintaining a desired figure and not reverting back to the body they worked so hard to leave behind cannot be overstated.


    A tummy tuck, in tandem with other procedures such as liposuction, can also improve stubborn problems such as residual fat that lingers even after weight loss. Removing abdominal fat may also aid in reducing appetite-affecting hormones. Researchers are currently studying the effects ofobesity-influenced bodily functioning relative to both appetite and the ability to shed weight. They are beginning to shed light on the relationship between diet, gut flora, and weight gain in new and fascinating ways, but anything that helps patients continue to keep weight off has to be seen as a blessing - for patients and doctors.


    Bancroft Feldman specializes in helping women achieve their personal appearance goals through surgery. We believe people should have the ability to be the people they feel they are inside; it’s our mission to help them do that. Contact us today to start work on becoming the more beautiful person you dream of being.


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