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  • Breast feeding before and after implants?

    We recommend waiting 3-6 months after completely stopping breastfeeding before getting breast implants. If you were able to breastfeed prior to having breast augmentation surgery, you should be able to breastfeed after, however in some cases milk ducts can be damaged during surgery, thus interfering with your ability to breastfeed after a breast augmentation. Dr. Feldman will not offer incisions through the areola for women who desire children as this cuts through the breast ducts and has the highest chance of interfering with breastfeeding. Placing implants under the breast, and under the muscle, will likely not affect your ability to breastfeed.

  • Does birth control have any effects on breast augmentation?

    If you are currently taking birth control, taking it before, during, and after a breast augmentation will not affect your surgery. In fact, you will be required to pass a pregnancy test the day of surgery before your procedure. If you have any questions about your birth control not involving breast augmentation surgery, we suggest talking to your OB/GYN. Hormonal birth control pills do increase your risk of blood clotting (DVT), as does pregnancy, but this risk is independent of breast augmentation surgery.

  • How long after getting a tummy tuck before another baby can be planned?

    We recommend that women finish having babies prior to having a tummy tuck procedure, the reason being that the whole concept of a tummy tuck is tightening abdominal muscles and skin with sutures to contour the shape of the stomach. Pregnancy after a tummy tuck will pop the sutures and return your body to the same condition it was in before, thus making the tummy tuck results less than desirable.

  • I’m planning a baby within the next few years. Should I get liposuction before my pregnancy?

    Unlike with a tummy tuck procedure, liposuction before and after pregnancy is fine.

  • Is a BOTOX® safe while breastfeeding?

    Safety is paramount at Bancroft Feldman Plastic Surgery and while we understand the desire to look and feel your best during and post pregnancy, we are unable to treat a pregnant or breastfeeding mothers as there have not been studies performed to support its safety. It's not worth the risk.

  • Will pregnancy ruin my breast implants?

    The short answer: YES!

    85% of patients with at least 1 pregnancy noticed adverse changes in their breast shape following pregnancy. Nearly half (49%) of primary augmentation patients are women dissatisfied with their breast appearance after having children.

    Pregnancy causes major changes to a woman’s body, and breasts, with or without implants. It is impossible to say how much pregnancy will change your overall breast appearance, but we guarantee one thing - they will NOT get prettier. It’s an important distinction to note that pregnancy does not ruin or damage the actual breast implant, and therefore there is no warranty for pregnancy. Your body has changed around the implant, as a result of the weight fluctuation and hormones of pregnancy. Many women will require larger implants and/or a lift after pregnancy to improve their breast appearance. Nipples and areolas frequently become larger and darker as well. As Dr. Feldman discussed at your consult, less natural implant style selection can increase the likelihood of needing additional surgery with life events like pregnancy, and therefore, we always recommend woman who anticipate having children, select more conservative implant styles.

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