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  • Post Op Breast Augmentation Tips

    1-4 days after surgery

    (applicable from days 3-14 after surgery)


    No lifting more than 2-3 pounds until your follow up breast implant appointment. (examples: bottle of water, cup of coffee. A gallon of milk is TOO heavy!) Avoid sweating, elevating heart rate and/or blood pressure. Do not consume alcohol for two (2) weeks after breast augmentation surgery.


    Start showering. When finished with shower, pat Steri-strips dry, then take blow dryer on low or medium and dry them for 2-3 minutes each side. Steri’s should not be wet, squishy, stain the bra, nor have an odor. They will stay on until your follow up breast augmentation appointment.


    If you are not having a bowel movement, take Dulcolax, Miralax, Senokot, Magnesium Citrate, or any over the counter laxative. It is common that the first dose does not work. Be aggressive and take several doses every 2 hours until you use the restroom.

    DO NOT TAKE ANY ibuprofen, aspirin, Aleve, Motrin, Advil, Excedrin, or ANY medications that may thin your blood. Please take Tylenol or Tylenol based products ONLY for any pain that you have once off the Hydrocodone.

    You may start lifting your arms very gently and slowly over your head without weight.

    You are allowed to drive short distances, keeping your elbows at your side, as long as you are not taking any pain medications.

    Please finish your antibiotics (Bactrim or any other that we gave you). It should be for one week.

    It is normal for you to have numbness, tingling, even shooting pains in your breasts. It is due to the nerves being stretched and regenerating. Also, your nipples may become extra sensitive. If this occurs you can get any silicone nipple covers to help with the irritation when wearing your bra.

    **Dr. Feldman has done a quality surgery. He can no longer control your outcome. Your results are now up to you and how well you follow these instructions.**

  • Right After Breast Augmentation

    Immediate BREAST augmentation post-operative Instructions (days 0-3 after surgery or until 1 post-op appt.)

    Leave the surgical bra and strap in place. Looking at them doesn’t make your result prettier and doesn’t prevent problems. In fact, it increases pain after breast augmentation as well as swelling, bruising and likelihood of complication. However, to prevent skin breakdown/blisters and improve comfort after surgery, you can loosen/remove strap for 3-5 minutes every two hours, but ensure it is ABOVE purple or silver line/zipper at all times. If you love them the day after surgery, your non-compliance can still negatively alter the result during the 3 month healing phase. If don’t love your new breast implants immediately, it doesn’t mean they won’t settle, round out and look amazing 8-12 weeks after breast augmentation surgery.

    There are no dressings to change, or drain tubes, and all stitches will dissolve but you have steri-strips covering your incision, that will not dissolve, and will be removed at your second follow-up appointment.

    The breast implant and pocket was washed with numbing medicine and antibiotic liquid, so it is normal to hear some fluid swishing, or gurgling noises. Your body absorbs this fluid over the first week after your procedure and these noises will dissipate.

    Use your arms as little as possible and keep your elbows to your sides. Do NOT lift more than 2lbs. Do NOT push or pull yourself up with your arms. Do NOT lift arms above your head. Any repetitive motion or lifting more than 2 pounds will negatively affect your result long term.

    You may sponge bathe or sit in a couple of inches of water in the bathtub and wash that way, but do not remove bra and strap and do NOT shower.

    Take your pain pills and antibiotics as directed and muscle relaxant and nausea pill as needed. You’ve been given a separate sheet with detailed medication information.

    You should not be driving, working or showing off your breasts at this time. This is not the time to catch up on housework, errands or shopping. You had a complex surgery under general anesthesia and should be resting comfortably in a recliner, reclining sofa or propped up on pillows in bed until your first post-operative appointment.

    Plan on having an adult present for at least 24 hours after surgery, but optimally for the first 3-5 days.

    Dr. Feldman has done a quality breast augmentation surgery and your results are now based on your compliance with all instructions and activity restrictions.

  • The Importance of Following Post-surgical Instructions

    When patients come to us for plastic surgery so they can feel better about their bodies, they trust both their health and the ultimate aesthetic outcome - better looking breasts or asleeker looking figure - to our professional skill. This is why Drs. Bancroft and Feldman have spent so much time acquiring training and expertise: so that every surgery they perform can be a success.

    However, it’s also very important that our patients follow the details of our post-surgical instructions very carefully if they want that to happen. A caring and qualified surgeon can only do so much. During the healing process when the patient is at home, she is the one doing the monitoring and maintenance, and if she doesn’t take care of her body in the right way during this crucial period, she may not like the results of her procedure.

    Immediately following surgery, our patients are primarily concerned with how to deal with their bandages, manage pain or the effects of sedation, and avoid scarring. Our care instructions provide patients with the information necessary to make this as pain and scar-free a process as possible. It’s important that patients know what to expect and what kinds of physical reactions fall in the range of normal post-surgical experience. This will help minimize worry and maximize healing.

    Bancroft Feldman also provides their breast augmentation patients with asurgical sports bra in order to facilitate healing and keep the implants where they are supposed to be while the body readjusts after surgery. This bra won’t do all the necessary work, though. After a breast augmentation, a woman needs to specifically limit her physical movements as well. This means waiting to do certain types of exercise lift things over 2-3 pounds at first and 10-15 pounds later. She should sleep on her back as well for the best results.

    Massage is also important. It may not be something women desiring breast implants would expect  to do, but regular, daily massage will keep your breasts soft and even and will ensure a better long-term outcome for this surgery.

    At Bancroft and Feldman we go over both our responsibilities and our recommendations with our patients during our patient appointments, so nothing we ask them to do post-surgery is a surprise. The importance of their following these instructions cannot be overstated, however. Plastic surgery is an investment women make in themselves, and all investments need careful monitoring for them to pay off over time. Our after-care instructions are designed to make everyone involved pleased with both the surgery experience and its aesthetic results.

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