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Bras and the Right Bra after Breast Augmentation

Patients who have breast augmentation look forward to purchasing bras to showcase their new breasts, but they may not realize how important choosing the right bra is. This is especially true in the beginning, post-surgery, but also over time to make sure both that both the comfort with and appearance of the implants are maintained.

Immediately following surgery, Dr. Bancroft and Dr. Feldman provide their patients to with a surgical sports bra and specific instructions about wearing it following the procedure. This will help the breasts to heal and the breast implants to remain in the desired position. Patients should be sleeping on their backs for at least 12 weeks. Back sleeping is best for people with implants to prevent implant migration into their armpits. If, after the 12 week healing period, patients want to try sleeping in a side position, they should continue to wear the sports bra at night. We do not recommend stomach sleeping. This will cause the implants to move into the armpit region.

right braAfter the period of healing is complete, patients should wear normal supportive bras during the day. They should get sized before purchasing a bra in order to ensure that its is the right size and has the support necessary for the implants, and the new heavier breasts. Underwire bras are acceptable as long at they fit the implant/breast and do not “dig in.” We do not recommend any one brand or style, as everyone’s chest and ribs are different. Any brand should do as long as you get a “pop” or “push up” from the bra. This demonstrates that the bra is supporting the weight of the implant, instead of the skin.

Patients should not wear tight fitting or compressive sports bras without a defined cup or side support that just “smash” the breasts, either when sleeping or exercising. For people with natural breasts, this may work as the tighter the sports bra, the better it is, but for breasts that have implants, side and bottom support is essential. For someone with breast implants the goal of a sports bra is support pushing upwards and inwards to ensure the implants don’t move down or to the side over timeMore support or compression is not always better as an extremely tight or poorly fitting bra especially when worn during the critical post-operative healing period (12 weeks), may prevent the breast implants from settling correctly, or deform the breast shape which might require further surgery to correct.

We recommend a sports bra withbuilt in cups, underwire or side panel that will contain and support the weight of the implant.  We find a sports bra similar to the VSX line at Victoria’s Secret that has a padded underwire to be very popular with our patients. We will provide your surgical bra with a front closure to make it easier to put on and off after surgery, but after 2 weeks you can switch to back closure if you prefer or they fit better.

While an expertly performed surgery (Dr. Feldman performs 400+ breast augmentations a year within the greater Houston area) is essential to a good breast augmentation outcome, patient self-care after the procedure is as important. Following instructions carefully and choosing the right bra to wear for support are both crucial to maintaining beautiful breast implants.

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