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Boob Greed: How Big is "Big Enough"?


"Bigger is better." This is an old slogan that has sticking power and has even filtered into the general public's ideas about breast implants. Are bigger breasts better just because they are bigger? How big is too big? Can you have too much of a good thing? At Bancroft Feldman, it's our professional opinion that, yes, some implants are too big for our patients' body structures. Overly large implants may provide short term satisfaction but at the expense of long term sequala. In fact, woman, and their plastic surgeons, already did that experiment in the 1990's. Really big, overfilled, high profile saline implants were all the rage in the late 90's, yet notice, very few of those celebrities still have the same look today. It's not that some woman still don't desire extremely large breasts, it's that no one pictures those large breasts literally drooping to their knees!

So let's talk about "boob greed" and why even after surgery some patients want more.

What Is Boob Greed?

Boob greed is the phenomenon of a breast augmentation patient caught in a loop of dissatisfaction about the size of her implants even after a successful surgery. It's about second guessing her result after they "drop and fluff" and then comparing her new breasts to the breasts of other women she knows, to celebrities, and to what her breasts could look like if she had them redone with even bigger implants. Even if her new breasts are beautiful and symmetrical, they are not enough. She is greedy for more as they were temporarily larger when swollen for a couple weeks after surgery. This boob greed dissatisfaction can continue even after a second surgery because it can become an obsession and is not an objective view of her real result.

The problem with this kind of obsession is that enough is never enough. You will be dissatisfied if you compare yourself to other people instead of focusing on how your breast augmentation complements your own body. There will always be women with bigger breasts. That doesn't mean their breasts are better. It doesn't mean their breasts would look better on your body. You can't pick your new breasts from a catalog or an image on a website. As Dr. Feldman, says "You buy shoes that fit your feet, not the size that is your lucky number."

This is how Dr. Feldman describes the boob greed problem:

"​It's a constant battle in our practice attempting to refocus patients away from random lucky numbers of cc's and toward a pleasing breast aesthetic. Will you be satisfied with an ugly result just because it falls within an arbitrary cc range? Not a chance. Will you be okay with your desired cup size even with wide cleavage, nipple malposition, and no superior fullness? No way. During your consultation and pre-operative visit you were repeatedly reminded to focus the look, not the cc's or cup size."

It's not what Dr. Feldman puts in, but rather how pretty your breasts are when you come out of the surgery and recovery that matters.

Dr. Feldman has done thousands of breast augmentation procedures and is very attuned to how different sized implants will look on the body. He uses sizers to make the final implant selection during surgery based on his determination of what dimensions will help minimize breast and boney deformity/asymmetry and will best fit breast/chest pocket dimensions. Patients with boob greed do not take into account the irreparable damage a too large implant can cause such as numb nipples, stretch marks, symmastia or exaggerated nipple malposition. Some implants are simply too large to fit in the chest pocket regardless of what the patient desires.

There are plenty of other factors that go into choosing an implants size. Things like lifestyle, social circle, personal taste, and a partner's wishes are all important when deciding which implant will work best with you. These issues are all ones that Dr. Feldman will bring up during your consultation.

While it's important to select an implant that reflects you and the look you want, it's also crucial to listen to a breast expert who has performed these procedures successfully over and over again and seen what the end results look like. Boob greed is something every breast augmentation patient needs to fight against falling victim to. Your outcome and satisfaction depend on you focusing on the reality of your own breasts and not a fantasy of what "might be."

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