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Many of the patients who we see are women who are within the age range society calls “childbearing,” which means that sometimes the results that they get from plastic surgery may later be altered by the changes that pregnancy and breastfeeding bring about. Previously we’ve talked about repairing the damage that aging and pregnancy have caused with a mommy makeover. But what should women know beforehand about a procedure like a tummy tuck in order to time plastic surgery procedures to get the maximum effect?

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Previously we went over a number of great reasons to get a tummy tuck, and they focused on the aesthetic, which is why people get tummy tucks, honestly: because they desire a better, younger, tighter looking body. However, there are additional health benefits that can result from a tummy tuck, and you may appreciate them as well as you appreciate your new and improved figure.

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People may think that tummy tucks are only for women or only for women who have had children and wish to restore their pre-baby bodies, but in reality people - both women and men - choose to undergo the abdominoplasty procedure for a number of reasons. Here are five great ones we at Bancroft Feldman hear all of the time:

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Americans are all about weight loss, and the process of losing a significant amount of weight truly is a triumph of discipline and determination. Unfortunately, many people find that after they have met their weight loss goals, particularly when that means 100 or more pounds lost, they have a new problem: loose skin.  This is because the body’s skin stretches all over as a person gains weight in the arms, abdomen, breasts, face, and legs, but its normal elasticity is not enough to spring itself back into its former tautness.

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