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Inspira Soft TouchThis last January, Allergan announced a new breast implant option in their NATRELLE® line of breast implants: the Inspira Soft Touch implant: "Now, the INSPIRA® line of breast implants helps physicians to better meet diverse, patient-specific needs based on available breast tissue and desired outcomes.”

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Yes, absolutely. Dr. Feldman advises his patients to massage their breasts as an important part of their post-surgical care.

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There are many different breast implant choices available today in terms of size, shape, and width. It can be a bit intimidating to decide which one is best for you. However, according to a recent study, patients can rule out anatomical implants as being aesthetically superior to round implants. “There’s no advantage to using anatomical implants in breast augmentation given their considerable disadvantages compared with round implants,” said David A. Hidalgo, MD, clinical professor of surgery, Weill-Cornell Medical College, during a presentation last month at Plastic Surgery The Meeting.

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The patients we see at Bancroft Feldman are so passionate about their bodies and excited to have the opportunity to eliminate flaws and improve themselves aesthetically. Breast augmentation - and all plastic surgery - is an investment in yourself and how you present yourself to the world. It would make sense, then, that anyone who’s had surgery would want to maintain that investment and do whatever they can to make sure their breasts remain beautiful for as long as possible.

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For decades scare-tactic articles about breast implants have proliferated in the news and media, linking them to cancer or other dire health consequences, including autoimmune diseases. Over the last four decades, research and patient experience have proven breast implants to be safe, but that doesn’t mean that they will last forever and never have to be removed or replaced. As with anything else, breast implants have a lifespan, and a patient may find herself ready for new implants under certain circumstances, although this often occurs years or even decades after the original surgery.

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