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Many women make the choice to get breast implants - almost 300,000 of them every year. Most women at some point in their lives will also make the choice to have children. Does having breast implants affect the ability of these women to breastfeed their children? Women want to know if they can still breastfeed if they have their breasts surgically altered.

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How pregnancy and childbearing affect a woman’s figure will always be relevant to women who desire plastic surgery because of their desire to remain beautiful over time. Last month we discussed how pregnancy can affect a tummy tuck, and this time we will talk about how it affects breast augmentation.

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3410056023 848368941c bOne of the questions we hear at Bancroft Feldman is how soon after my surgery can I tan - either in a tanning bed or outside?

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The media likes to highlight bad plastic surgery, particularly celebrities who have undergone plastic surgery with less than ideal outcomes. They take pictures and post them with glee, and many women wonder why these people who have so many resources available to them have this happen. Is it because anyone who undergoes breast augmentation is doomed to have rippled or otherwise strange looking breasts eventually?

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When women are deciding about whether they want to explore breast implants as an option for improving their body aesthetic, they often pay more attention to other women’s breasts - particularly models or celebrities - to get an idea for the possibilities. A wish list is what many of our patients call it. If you’re going to take a chance on finally getting the breasts you want, you want to have a good idea of what breasts those are. Makes sense, right?

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