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Breasts come in all different shapes and sizes in nature. Women with small breasts, large breasts, and any size in between fall on the spectrum of normal development. However, a number of breast deformities do exist. One of these is Tuberous Breast Deformity (TBD), more commonly referred to as tuberous breasts. This is a congenital condition that women and some men are born with that becomes apparent when their breast tissue does not develop normally. It is not certain what causes this abnormality, but the results of one study of breast tissue specimens in 2011 suggest that it is genetic involving a disorder of collagen deposition.

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Women and men who seek out plastic surgery to improve their appearance need to know a number of things. They’re concerned about the types of outcomes they can expect, how safe certain procedures and plastic surgery facilities are, and they want to know the cost of various types of plastic surgeries.

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The trend of men taking advantage of plastic surgery continues to increase in popularity. The most popular type of plastic surgery men men choose is liposuction, but a procedure to address either enlarged breast tissue or protruding nipples known as gynecomastia is now the third most popular in the United States. This procedure, called reduction mammoplasty, involves the removal of excess fat and glandular tissue and can be performed safely on otherwise healthy men of all ages.

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Are you worried about the wrinkles around your eyes and how they make your face look older? Unfortunately the skin all over your body becomes less elastic as you age. Drooping an wrinkles are the result. While there are a number of surgical procedures that can be performed in order to rejuvenate the face and smooth out lines, Bancroft Feldman recommends Botox as an excellent non-surgical treatment for rejuvenation of the face in the eye and forehead area.  Botox has been a trend in plastic surgery for since the Food and Drug Administration approved it for smoothing wrinkles between the eyebrows in 2002. In addition to Dr. Bancroft, Bancroft Feldman also has nurse injector, Angela, for Botox administration.

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Social media is unavoidable for nearly everyone these days, and the Millennial generation is comprised of what social media experts refer to as “digital natives.” These young people grew up being surrounded by computers and the internet, they’ve lived more of their lives online than any previous generation, and now they are old enough to make their own choices. If this recent survey is correct, 98 percent of Millennials have cell phones, and 93 percent of them are a part of social networking.

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