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iStock 495037992Botox has exploded in popularity over the past decade and a half. The FDA approved Botox for cosmetic use in 2002, and it took off nearly overnight with exponential growth over time. Most recently Millennials have taken interest in this cosmetic treatment. It’s estimated that in 2018 Botox will have a $4.7 billion global market, with half of that in the U.S. alone. Why is this cosmetic treatment so popular?

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Inspira Soft TouchThis last January, Allergan announced a new breast implant option in their NATRELLE® line of breast implants: the Inspira Soft Touch implant: "Now, the INSPIRA® line of breast implants helps physicians to better meet diverse, patient-specific needs based on available breast tissue and desired outcomes.”

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2016 RealSelf 100 timesquareAre you familiar with RealSelf, the largest and most used cosmetic health website dedicated to connecting doctors with people seeking answers about the cosmetic treatments they are considering? If so you are among a group of more than 82 million people who did the same in 2016. Every year RealSelf honors “the top rated and most engaged board-certified aesthetic doctors who consistently demonstrated a commitment to patient education and positive patient outcomes” with the RealSelf 100 Award.  These doctors comprise the top 1% of the RealSelf doctor community and deserve special recognition for the work they do to increase education and empower patients’ decisions.

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Breasts come in all shapes and sizes. That’s something that women can easily forget because of the focus the media and magazines have on highlighting beautiful women with one or two types of “ideal” breasts. If you are thinking about getting breast augmentation, you need to realize that the structure and size of the breasts that you have now will affect what your new and improved breasts will look like after surgery. This is one reason why you can’t pick your new breasts from a catalog.

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Breasts come in all different shapes and sizes in nature. Women with small breasts, large breasts, and any size in between fall on the spectrum of normal development. However, a number of breast deformities do exist. One of these is Tuberous Breast Deformity (TBD), more commonly referred to as tuberous breasts. This is a congenital condition that women and some men are born with that becomes apparent when their breast tissue does not develop normally. It is not certain what causes this abnormality, but the results of one study of breast tissue specimens in 2011 suggest that it is genetic involving a disorder of collagen deposition.

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